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Virtual – Dome Trash

Step inside a freezer in the Netherlands with Senna van Drunen, Kasper de Zoete, Anthony Indawood, Joshua Pires, Jordi Spa, Reno Langelaar, Quint Kroondijk

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Comments (11)

  1. And ill… make a man.. out of you.. (read: professional clown)

  2. Mark my words surfing will have a 100 foot wave surfed in the next 24 hours..

  3. Those g’s are probably pretay pretay pretay intense.. cough #wheresshaun

  4. Where! Was! The! Captain! .. WHERE! WAS! THE! CAPTAIN!

  5. Oh good year foh s-e-c. One team beside Kentucky actuary competitive #goddamnitduke

  6. Florida too. Im paying super close attention. #marchmadnessisrunbydads #bettingontheirkids

  7. Sometimes all it takes is a lurking blood with a chip on its shoulder to take up the mantle.. never underestimate Wisconsin and it’s wealth of snowmobiles parked outside of bars..

  8. Bettah luck next yeah aahhhahahahaha

  9. Reminder that HD footage is awful especially when you have no vig