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Best Summer Ever 3: A Week at the Pro House

Spend a week at Windells with the DTTD takeover crew, learn about thejob you wish you had, and see the Line Skis intern make a fool of himself in this week’s Best Summer Ever.

Featuring: Nial Romanek, Jonah Owen, Dylan Thompson, Ryan Lanham and Jesse Paul

Video by Hunter Gulan

one of the founders of the internet.
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Comments (12)

  1. That back two sev by Jesse gave me shivers in my pantaloons

  2. is lanham finally an epicplankz pro?

  3. If yobeat only posted “best summer ever” videos everyone would like the site way better

  4. Where the Heck is the catfish shots at?

  5. I’m lurking in a few of the shots.

  6. Nial is unbelievably good.

  7. keep the hood edits coming I could watch that shit all day

  8. Saga lol

  9. I could jerk off to this shit!


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