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Put It in the Bowl Vid

The Bowl boys do Kamloops, BC. Featuring Geremy Guido, Bryce Bugera, Teilhard Volk, Aiden Hryciw, Tommy Van, Mathew Wonbon & Kyle Palamar.
Liam Hall
Additional Filming
Corey Kowalski
Johan Rosén

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Comments (13)

  1. dread guy wanna be mark goodall so bad

  2. “I think I know what these losers are putting in their “bowl” ” -JP Sokolowski

  3. It’s always good to have a good solid 2 minutes on slams.

  4. Watching my own tricks makes me wet.

  5. Took a fat dookie in the bowl.

  6. Bluntz, followed up with duh pretzelz. Got duh Munchies.


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