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His Name Was Chip

Riders in order: Sam Schowalter, Brett Kulas, Linden Cool, Jacob Craffey, Ryan Pisciotta, Avery Erickson, Nathan Kudla, Micah Seinkowski, Trent Belmore, Harrison McIlhargey, and Brandon Vandyke.
Filming: Nathan Kudla. Edit: Nathan Kudla
Additional Filming: Harrison McIlhargey and Sam Schowalter
Songs: Bowery Electric: Fear or flying and Playboi Carti: The Omen

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Comments (6)

  1. Brett Kulas looks like he got dropped square on his face multiple times as a baby

  2. This video should have been in rejected edits just because of that gay ass board slap on back 1 tailpress. Yobeat is getting progressively worse

  3. But does anyone else notice Johnny Hancheck self promoting himself all over mt high social media. Dude is a weirdo.

  4. These kids are a huge part of the reason anyone knows anything about Cannonsburg at all. Props to them for holding it down on the ropes on the reg.

    Now if only they’d build a fucking bowl park a la Holy Bowly we’d be all set.