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Jon Koch, Emmett Dowd, Hollis Grossbard, Andy Conte, Walter Promnitz, Louie Davala, Travis Henderson, Tommy Magazeno, Nick Apicella.

additional filming by Matt Mantas and friends

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Comments (12)

  1. Most of this was filmed at mountain creek, they should have called the edit ice

  2. Jon isnt fun to watch, this is garbage.

  3. Parkinson’s filming on point

  4. why do people constantly put tricks in their video when they slip off the rail 2 ft early or accidently land 90 off a jump and still ride away. if its not what your trying keep it out the video. or just tell people like me to shut up and keep doin what ur doin

  5. not going to tell you to shut up, but sounds like someone had their magnifying glass out for this one

  6. a cheap copy of yawgoons material.
    nice but lack of creativity.


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