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Island Born – Eiki Helgason Documentary

Part three of the Island Born series (zine, full part, and documentary) follows Eiki’s path from a potato farm in Iceland to becoming the countries first pro snowboarder, and most recently, the winner of the first ever Yobeat “Helgason of the Year Award.” Narrated by Stan.

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  1. I fought with these Hawaiian guys and afterwards I told them no its you guys who take it seriously. Really makes you wonder when Dane kealoha says he grew up enjoying the waves, not running from them.

  2. Does it take the cake? Then again, if you’re not giving it everything you got then you’re just taking up space.

  3. I have not yet met front board Kevin. I have met black Chris Brown Kevin the roots reaper Kevin who moonlights as a hotel concierge.

  4. stan is the fucking king, i want a full part of him sending in 80s gear

  5. when eiki falls off the horse I lost it.