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Danyale Patterson 2015/16 Sponsor Me Video

A season mash-up from her 2015/16 season/ Too Hard section, to be distributed on VHS cassette to potential sponsors.

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Comments (25)

  1. most of the filming looks like it was shot by Micheal J Fox.

  2. are there any boobs in this??

  3. Stop snowboarding and kill yourself already.

  4. There is a reason that men and women are not considered equal. This just further supports why women (Chloe Kim excluded) should not be paid to snowboard.
    Your existence is a joke.

  5. She reminds me of this girl I went to high school with that wore wore white sweatpants everyday. I could never tell if they were shit stains or dirt.

  6. I like it. Nothing wrong with that edit. Too many easily angered people leaving comments man. Calm down.

  7. I heard her vagina doesn’t even smell like fish!

  8. Ever feel like a mummy when you take the dog outside..

  9. The colder it gets the more alive I feel

  10. maybe she’s anal, cuz she won’t have a future in sb for sure.

  11. this is nothing more than a bmx edit. couldn’t watch till the end. sloppy style with those gross ass shit stain pants

  12. she is..10x better than GUCH … if you care


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