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Jade Phelan – Mr. Pink

Mr. Pink in the Keystone park. Appearance by Alex Malik.

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Comments (19)

  1. dude rips. his backflip japan at love games last year was sick af.

  2. You so lockdown. White man look so good next to snow.

  3. dang he’s so cool i want to start smoking weed and have pink hair just like him!

  4. Nightmare blows. Garbage boards, arrogant team, and terrible “too cool for you” attitude.

  5. jade is probably one of the nicest/happiest dudes in snowboarding. sick one jade!

  6. weird cause everyone i’ve met associated with Nightmare has been super cool and personable to me and beyond stoked on snowboarding. they just don’t care for the heavy kook factor in summit is all. Nightmare don’t care

  7. Nature.. is what skateboarding is..

  8. yeah i mean i guess nightmare is “Cool” if cool is a bunch of adults dressing like teenages boasting about being core.

  9. Ultimately the most fire park edit of the year


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