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Island Born // Eiki Helgason Full Part

Holy Fuck. Eiki, filmed entirely in Iceland. Just watch. Serious heaters including a ten kink (spoiler) rail he spent a total of ten days over the last ten years trying.

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Comments (8)

  1. didn’t Kyle Walker already 50 that ten-kink?

    • I don’t watch much skating, but is it normal for shots where you come off the rail early to be the ender ender? Like, ‘you thought the shot before this was the ender, because the music stopped, but wait there’s one more we’re going to bust out a capella’ ender. Just kiddn, I’ma flap my arms like a goose and skip that last kink while my boys go crazy. Did he just feel too sheepish after all that to do it again? Are the words, “Go do it again” not in his filmers’ vocabularies? Seriously, he did it at the beginning of his part, too. If Eiki does 9 out of 10 kinks here, it doesn’t make the cut. He’ll try it again in year 11. Maybe I need someone to explain skateboarding to me.

  2. Varial flip to shov out was sick. Probably woulda been more impressed with the kinky 50-50 at the end, but the ender in the new Vans skate video kinda blows it out of the water. If you haven’t seen it you should.

  3. Hippie jump to drop was the fucking one