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Yearning for Turning Vol. 4 – Still Turning

A weekend camping adventure on a European mountain pass. Stylish turns a plenty. Featuring Nicholas Wolken, Gabriele Torriani, Pepe Regazzi, Thomas Stöckli, Aaron Schwartz, Raphael Rocha, Ivo Florin, Kuno Egli, Filip Zuan, Vitus Zenz, Stephan Maurer, Armando Guetg, Jerry Niedermeier, Florian Krummenacher, and Runar Péter Hjörleifsson.

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Comments (10)

  1. laid out heelside euro carve NBD?

  2. fuck turning … bout BACKSIDE LIPSLIDE ..270 OUT ..

  3. This was dope. Some of you young bucks just don’t get it yet.

  4. The first trick in snowboarding was the turn. Its good to see more people even jib kids finding joy in laying over a turn. Something cool about dragging your arm in the snow through that arc.

  5. Turning, or the primal awesomeness of snowboarding.

  6. 5.

    1 to do it with the other 4 standing around saying “nice turn”