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Artsy stuff from Chad Unger. Music in edits has ABD. These are the soothing sounds of shred. Park laps at Brighton featuring Peter Cerulo, Tyler Slagle, Christian Sparks, Jack Griffin, Peter Cimmino, Jeff Holce, Sam Taxwood, Tucker Brown, and Ezra Racine.

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Comments (9)

  1. Where’s the Hood and Supepark footy lol?

  2. You know I how I know colorado sucks? Because we have no snow but all our resorts are open. Even fucking eldora.

  3. Talk about still corners Jed Anderson there in the beginning. That silence was freaking me out. And what the fuck was up with that cube? Obviously some sort of statement there.

  4. Y’all are cactus pricks, but some of dat riding wuz dope doe
    The bad kids

  5. COLORADO kicks ass….beats fog wind rain rime ice shit snow + PORT-O-LETS in OREGON / WASHINGTON ….