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People’s Court: Adam Lechner vs. Nick Connell

This week on People’s Court we’ve got two kids from sunny California. Both shred hard and have some pretty sweet maneuvers but only one can walk away as the champion. Or will the dogs take it?

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Comments (14)

  1. how many back 1s off a rail can u do in an edit adam was way sicker actual trick variety

  2. Kid Adam terrible fuckin style boring

  3. Nick did some sweet nose presses where the board clearly taps the rail and it looks as if he likes to ride all the small features and is afraid to his tricks on anything other than northstars rails that are extremely low and and short, adams a better rider any day and would stomp on nick in a game of snow

  4. Both are good. But they should get new filmers. Everything looks like followcam go-pro shit. But the music in the second was better.