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Burning Up – Between Lakes Mt. Hood Summer

Public park employees attempt to revive the mundane Mt. back to its previous shredability.

Riders:Trevor Tollefson, Eric Lewy, Aaron Kiser, Emit Salokar, Tanner Seymour, Riley Tardiff, Jeff DeForge

Homies: Conor Carrol, Demetri Bales, Christian Hobush, JJ Westbury, Finn Westbury, Morgan Smith, Luke Rodnick, Calvin Green, Jake Aaronson

Film and Edit: Ben McCabe

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Comments (6)

  1. better summer park than most fat ass ski resorts put up in the dead of winter ….wuz up wit dat

  2. Rocks are more fun than the table top jumps at most parks

  3. Honestly one of the more fire edits this summer/fall

  4. Should be called Between Sexes

    pippy longstocken piece of hippie scum

    Grab his pussy then maybe his butter game might get a little better

    Yo that 27 butt look like garbage dad

    lOVE mOM


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