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Bonfire Free Range

This is Bonfire Free Range, our journey about living with no rules, about going the places we want to go, avoiding the ones we could care less about and sticking around a certain spot because we don’t have a schedule and the place is firing.

On our first venture, six snowboarders, eight days and one RV started in Portland, headed North to Mt. Baker, crossed the border to British Columbia and the Coast Mountain Range backcountry, then hit up Whistler Blackcomb and finished up at Mission Ridge’s revolutionary Bomber Bowl Park.

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Comments (11)

  1. Really digging this one.

  2. to much pow– not enough handrails

  3. BAKER still dosnt have a park ? wuz up wit dat

  4. BAKERS port-o-lets are my terrain park .

  5. to build a park in a place that gets double the amount of snow that breck gets in one season. I mean if I were on the park crew at Baker, I’d totally want to be shoveling out features from beneath the nearly 2+ft that falls almost everyday between Dec-Feb……


  7. I love the Baker kids that act like that place is still some big secret and are trying to convince people it sucks there because “it rains all the time”

  8. BAKER … [ HOME BASE ] tracked out in 15 min park [ that sucks ] rains … SO WHAT WE LOVE MT BAKER its #1 …..

  9. ALL the “baker locals” moved to SALT LAKE ….Pat Moore was the first to go ….

  10. Yes, it rains at Baker a lot. Yes it snows at Baker a lot. Yes it is a small area and gets tracked quickly, inbounds. If you’re coming to Baker looking to ride park, you’re doing it wrong. With these factors in mind its still Baker and it still rules