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Hold My Beer Episode 5 – Park City Season Ender Bender

The Hold My Beer Season Ender Bender is the Alday crew partying, snowboarding, skateboarding, and whatever else in Park City at the end of the 2015/16 season. Includes Park City Mountain clown day and last day. Also Brighton Resort last day and some post season DIY at the Alday spot! Shredding and appearances by Alden Dow, Brody Bennett, Danny Davis, Barry Gadd, Andrew Tassell, Clancy Campbell, Lowen Michele, Mindy Dow, Ryan Spence, Mike Mead, Jessica Zimmerman, Bryan Doyle Winch, Javan Padilla, Flaska Ryan, Finch, Bob Merrill, Heber McNeill, Henry Barriga, Myan Rountree, Jason Handman, Jayson Thiros, Greg Miller, Silas Payne, Chris Shields, Riley Winch, and more.

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Comments (10)

  1. A good example of why the majority of the world hates Californian’s

  2. why the fuk cant other UTAH resorts build a park like dat huh ?

  3. BEST park in Utah , nothing even comes remotely close , not even !

  4. other Utah resorts don’t make there park like PCMR because they really don’t want park riders there … they just want a park for show …. they don’t want the “anti park ” label ..

  5. Guy in the beginning chose the song

  6. great park / great resort/ great party / great riding / great tunes/ great edit ..

  7. PCMR ….thank you ….epic pass …park better than ever …..GLAD VAIL BOUGHT IT