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Burton Announces New Durable Glampware

Editors Note: We must no longer be on Burton’s PR list, however fear not, Snowboard Industry News, Gmail’s most reliable Snowboard Industry News source was nice enough to forward us this. Hot news. StoneHuntTent

Burton Announces the Hottest New Camping Accessory

BURLINGTON, VT (July 6th, 2016) Today, Burton Durable Glampware is excited to announce the latest innovation in backcountry self-immolation technology: The Stone Hut Tent.

This Stone Hut Tent ushers in a new era of self-indulgent, collab leisure, with a strong emphasis on fire-hot glamping. The team at Big Agnes worked with some of Stowe Mountain Resort’s leading pyromaniacs to craft a highly combustible design that ensures only a smoldering glob of nylon will remain when you’re done chillin’ in the semi-wilderness. Now you can finally take to the backcountry and feel confident that it won’t be your problem after you leave. Simply utilize the LIB™ (Let-It-Blaze™) technology by leaning some dry wood against the exterior of the tent and watch those blue green flames burn the whole structure down.

Using Burton’s patented SorryDad™ technology, the Stone Hut Tent is guaranteed to go up in flames and leave your family shaking their heads with your choices in life. Once ignited by the LIB™ technology, the tent utilizes its highly flammable compound that has been woven into its exterior. It also features color coded lightweight aluminum poles, so no matter how hard you are tripping on the sheet of blotter paper that comes hidden in the aptly named Stash Pocket™, the Stone Hut Tent is always an easy set-up.

“Our boys were really tired of having to lug their tents back to the G-Wagon after a long weekend of raging, so we called Big Agnes and said, ‘hey we need a tent that sort of just disappears but is still kind of big deal,’” explains Burton’s Co-Founder Donna Carpenter. “Sure they could hike back up or call our butler to tell them to go get their tent, but why bother?” she added. Despite persistent Internet rumors, Carpenter also wants everyone to know that the Stone Hut Tent is not named “after the time our sons got fucked up on drugs and burned down a historic mountain cabin.”

The Stone Hut Tent has already received rave reviews from across the blogosphere, with The Good Life proclaiming it to be, “Honestly V dank and looks sick in our Greenpoint micro-loft.”

Portland, Oregon’s street style blog, Urban Weeds explained, “This is the perfect tent for crushing some PBR with your analog camera and a few of your favorite wide brimmed hats.”

Available today in the Famish Stripe and YEAH DRUGS! colorways. With a limited edition color, Wookstain, to be released this fall. The Stone Hut Tent will be available at all Burton StoresTwiddle concerts and various closeout websites!

So bring your boutique axe and your fitted work pants. Listen to the Allman Brothers “Mountain Jam”, trip out, and forget that you started that fire that is now burning down a National Forest.

About Big Agnes

Named for a peak in the nearby Mt. Zirkel Wilderness, Big Agnes®, Inc. is located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and produces award-winning sleeping bags, pads, tents and insulated apparel. Big Agnes is the exclusive distributor of Helinox trekking poles and camp furniture in North and South America. For more information, visit

About Burton

In 1977, Jake Burton Carpenter founded Burton Snowboards out of his Vermont barn and has dedicated his life to snowboarding ever since. Burton has played a pivotal role in growing snowboarding from a backyard hobby to a world-class sport by creating groundbreaking products, supporting a team of top snowboarders and pushing resorts to allow snowboarding. Today, Burton designs and manufactures industry-leading products for snowboarding and the snowboard lifestyle, including snowboards, boots, bindings, outerwear and layering as well as year-round apparel, packs/bags and accessories. Privately held and owned by Jake and his wife, Burton President Donna Carpenter, Burton’s headquarters are in Burlington, Vermont with offices in Austria, Japan, Australia and California. For more information, visit and follow our line at, and @burtonsnowboard on Instagram.

Media Contact:
Abby Young, Burton Snowboards, [email protected]

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Comments (32)

  1. Damn, thiz is tight. Burton haz been my favorite skateboard brand for the last few yearz, leave it up to them to revolutionize camping too!!! I follow the guy that runs the company on instagram and snapchat, i think his names Greg. Man he doez some cool shit!!! Like tons of drugz and wear syck hatz and hang with like almost celebz!!! When r the Burton Vapez coming out??? UMM…get on it GREG i need that LOL!!

  2. It’s sad to see a brand struggle so much with it’s identity. Could be the nonstop departure of talent or the desperation caused by the nationals implosion, but either way, it hurts to watch. The owners are the Bill and Hillary of snowboarding, losing relevance and respect daily. They change everything aside from what’s really wrong. The employees have turned into a passionless pit of soldiers, that carry out orders and don’t ask questions. Silent and stupid is the only way to survive in that place from what I hear, and it makes it really hard to support a brand like that. I know plenty of people that used to work there and they would never go back unless someone else bought the company, and to me, that says a lot about the brand.

  3. FUCK GREG …why do companies hang on to the biggest ass holes like they are gods ?

  4. will Burton items soon be in the VICTORIA SECRET CATALOG …or will Danny Davis need to get the sex change first ?


  6. Love this article.
    I get what burton is doing, a company has to grow. Re-branding as a lifestyle company isn’t a bad play. I just wish they did it in a way that gave back more to the sport. IE pay team riders.

  7. If you want to do yoga with Jack and Danny, buy Burton. If you want to snowboard, support a snowboard brand. I bet Shaun White can play “Wagon Wheel” everywhere he goes too, but he’s smart enough not to.

  8. Like or hate, burton has to reach out to other industries because snowboarding isn’t sustainable as people migrate to other hobbies.
    One might suggest that sites like yobeat creates a culture that keeps the G Wagon, money paying people away by acting with an ultimately shitty attitude of exclusive gypsies.
    That said, Burton could care less. By including the G wagon crowd they are including new people. Deep down they aren’t interested in hooking the yobeater core crowd with a board for “like $15 bucks”
    Still… Article is still kinda funny. I take no side.

  9. Button is a mainstream company that makes half decent shit. Get over it. The g wagen posse is not that different from the core long sleeve t dad cap fuckbois that ride Dino. Grow up

  10. I think this stuff is kinda cool. Crushing it!

  11. This week on Greg D-bag goes camping:
    How to trip ballz slam those,white linez all while wearing fantastic FSC certified wooden hats and tearing up the countryside in a bio diesel fuck-boi G-wagon and pay for it with the blood sweat and tears of the innocent people that will just get laid off next spring anyways!

  12. Greg D is too old to be a fuckboi…he is the OG fuckman.

  13. If your best buddy wanted to pay you a ton of $ to do next to nothing other than supply him with endless amounts of nasal pow, travel the world in designer pajamas, and occasionally let him diddle your man wife, you would probably do it too! Don’t hate the player, hate the coach! The game is tight!

    • So Jake was banging AMD while Donna was in rehab…is that really a big deal?! From what I heard it was only a few times and everyone agreed it had to stop-

      Agreed, game is tight, well played.

  14. GREG ha something so huge on JAKE .. like life in jail big. that GREG OWNS BURTON

  15. Wait…don’t snowboarders like blow and weed too? You’re all hypocrites.

  16. fuck no … drugs are gay u POOR-SMALL-DICKLET

  17. Fear not snowboardorians! Me and Mr. D-bag have 5 five year plan to bring snowboarding back to it’s roots!!!! It’s not all about shredding the Gnar or face shots of pow….Its really about wheatgrass butt bongs in the G-wagon and cocane induced Cleveland steamers with your closest buds!!!! Don’t feel appreciated working as a mindless slave? Here we will give you some sweet branded mason jars and a pie once a year blended with our, “Special Blend” of dumbfuckery and severe douchebaggary sure to keep you employed for at least 6.254 months or until lay-offs which ever comes sooner!!!

  18. fuck that … JUST go BURTON FREE … get some core gear —32 boots ,,UNION BINDINGS MABY A LIB / CAPITA OR NEVER SUMMER and ignore the BURTON HOLLYWOOD BULLCRAP


  20. the Burton death spiral …..soon its dildos and strap-ons … [ SAME TEAM THOUGH ]

  21. So much hate . . . Where to begin?

  22. It is obvious that upper management has no idea what they are doing. Each and every “new idea” is a half ass attempt to regain the Burton of old. I bet they do something stupid like try and bring back “Step In” next. What made them great back in the early 2000’s were their employees. Those days are long gone! If you care about snowboarding, you will not agree with how that place is run, and if you can embrace the idea of leaving VT, you will quit. Hundreds have. Sustainability starts with retaining employees. You can’t just make a garden outside and take away everyones trash cans and call yourself green. Burton is a puppet show and once you see behind the curtain, you simply can no longer believe in it. Sincerity was lost years ago.

  23. Every single person commenting missed the point here, jake’s kids burned down the fucking stone hut, and completely got away with it. are you fucking kidding me? Will jake rebuild the stone hut? He’s got enough cash in the cupholder of his Caddy, jesus. This company is in the toilet and the kids are out of control lunatics with big time trust funds. Check out george on instagram, bangin’ up and down the east coast, not really in school, showing up at sales meetings, partying with frends, keeping it real, toking weed, being the man. what a joke. whoever put out this press release are some damn good writers thats for sure. And statusjef, get a fucking job, support your family and get off Greg’s dick. #quitethehikingdeadbeatdad

  24. The best thing that can happen to that brand at this point, it gets sold. The owners have had enough. Their hearts clearly aren’t in it anymore but they are addicted to the $. They can’t retain good employees to save their life because they choose to line the top shelf with incompetent half wits whose only qualification is that they do drugs well, and keep secrets better! The employees that have been worn down to the point that they can’t leave on their own deserve new parents that will treat them like real people. I’m putting my $ on a VF acquisition in the next 12 months. Whoever buys them needs to fire 8 people in order for the brand to stand a chance. Hit me back and I’ll give you all 8 names!

  25. It’s game time and employees are dropping like flies. People are getting wise and acknowledging the writing on the wall, finally. Employees are quitting faster than Human Resources can count and it’s the kind of people that gave that place hope. Wrap it up b! No one wants to work there anymore!

  26. I hear Brooke the founder of this website applied for a job at Burton 4 times and was never accepted….maybe that’s why she’s hating so hard


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