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Not Snowboarding Podcast Ep. 38 | Joe Suta & Steven Kimura

This episode was unique in that, for the first time, we had four people on – all in different locations (with almost no issues from Skype). Nate and AJ talked with Joe Suta (Nightmare Snowboards) and Steven Kimura (Owner Operator and United Shapes) about the brand new, snowboarding only trade show that they are launching in January:Parts & Labor

Topics include:
Stephen’s and Joe’s breakfast(s)
PowderJet Snowboards
Maple syrup coffee
Bulletproof coffee
Eating habits
Handsome Cory Schmidt
Owner Operator
United Shapes
Nightmare Snowboards
Craig Kelly
Parts and Labor
Skype drop
Fair sale pricing
Product development timelines
Snowboarding participation
Olympics (skateboarding)
Logistics of building a booth at SIA
On-snow demo
Does the snowboarding industry even need a trade show?
Fleshlight snowboard

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Comments (22)

  1. Hey save a penny…. NPOs make money, some of them a lot of money. The snowboard side of the trade show is worth close to $100,000. And that’s just in booth fees and dues. SIA is very freaked out and have tried every option available to keep this under their wing, even offering to buy the whole show outright. A lot of brands can’t really afford to show up to the Snow Show, but end up blowing half their yearly budget so they can dick wag in between a guy selling boogie boards for snow and the brand that makes those stupid Velcro beard masks. Most of the brands involved in P&L only have a presence in core shops, so not being at SIA isn’t going to hurt them at all. If anything, it’ll give them more money to put back into their brand. And with bigger brands like Vans and the whole NDK umbrella involved, it lends some legitimacy to attract the bigger buyers to check it out.

  2. How can people commenting here hate on this show?? Clearly SIA doesn’t work for every brand with its high costs and low return. If you don’t like the idea of this show, dont participate!