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People’s Court: Cale Ochitwa vs Matt Wilcox

People’s Court is back this week, and it’s May, which means edits are flowing into the box like mad. We got two street rippers battling it out, finding the most unique, creative, intense spots they can and sending them. Who has the street cred to take it all? Or will the street king AKA Jeff Fortin take the trophy?

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Comments (26)

  1. First kid hit really small spots and successfully displayed every gay fad all in one edit (rolled pants,bib pants, track pants, head sock under helmet). I only made it 57 seconds into these condone before I turned it off for being slower than molasses. VERDICT both guilty of embarrassing themselves.

  2. i kept waiting for zombies to bust in during one of jeff’s scenes. that was just creepy.

  3. all so bad. kid is trying too hard in the first video. looks dumb. at least jeffs was entertaining.

  4. Stop downing on kids for trying to snowboard.. This industry doesn’t need that shit and any negativity will provide karma towards the scorp train next season. Happy reverse tacos, salt queens.

  5. wow both matt and cale had shitty “parts” if you would even call it that. absolutely no style

  6. I met that Cale guy at Camp Easter Seal. Pretty good guy

  7. Why are you guys hating Cale on the first video slayed it a lot of those features I bet most yall wouldn’t hit . For all of those spots in Saskatchewan I would say this guy deserves some props

  8. Are we a bunch of hockey players here. cales a genuine alright guy that has a tight season edit where all your parts for the season

  9. Jeff is self trained and self filmed, put that dude on the new TECHNINE team and watch him blossom into a 90’s style superstar. Also A+ jump marking skills, at least I can accurately tell how big those features are.

  10. Man that shit was dooooooope #1738

  11. Jeff fortin was like a snowman blowing up the sun compared to the music/feeling invoked by the other two

  12. i read all these comments an laughed scrollled up, jeffy boi was stilll slayin those ride ons.had another great laugh


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