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People’s Court: Justin Lefferts vs Austin Johnson

This week we have two teenagers, different locations, different hills, but one goal: to win People’s Court, the biggest honor in snowboarding. Who will take it all? 

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Comments (9)

  1. God snowboarding is so cookie cutter now. Everyone looks the same and is doing the same tricks for the most part. That being said Austin was actually sick. But when will the whole bib pant thing finally stop. Bib pants are for children who are going sledding at recess

  2. I thought this Austin kid was going somewhere, until I saw this part.

  3. this should be a contest to judge which fad is more gay; bib pants or track pants.

  4. Isn’t this kid from that inverno thing?

  5. I heard justin and andrew wear ecko

  6. Man I just voted for Stoned Moms because ya know stoned moms are super sexy with the glassy eyes and shit, bet they are hungry ya know what I’m saying, wait what was I saying?