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People’s Court: Tyler Fish vs Peter Roukola

This week on people’s court we have two friends, who both filmed each other for 6 weekends and threw it together. Who is the better friend? Who has the tightest maneuvers? Who will take home the bragging rights? Or will Scotty P win another video contest with his insanity.

Tyler Fish

Peter Ruokola

Scotty P

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Comments (18)

  1. Both those parts felt like they were about 6 weekends long.

  2. you can’t only hit 1 foot of the rail and count it…..

  3. there has got to be a rope tow somewhere where you guys can hone in those 50-50 grinds. and why are you throwing around your Christmas presents like you’re sponsored?

  4. holy huck, i take my vote back scotty P wins hands down

  5. You guys are a disgrace to Marquette snowboarding

  6. 6 weekends? were there even 6 tricks?

  7. that was the weakest shit I’ve ever fuckin seen, scotty P all the way

  8. like are you fucking me? BOTH OF YOU? some of the handrail shots were OK though.

  9. Kids killed it. Keep on ripping youngins


  11. Jesus that was so horrible. I dont know how anyone is even trying to defend this. The first one especially should have been rejected

  12. All those were not that good, but hey points for going in the street. real question is how the fuck did scotty P get 1st, My salimander can do a better job than that.


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