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Ham City Slammers: Banned From Keystone

Somebody better call a meeting about this!


Zachary Ahrens
Brendan Sullivan
Graham Goodwin
Alex Malik
Bo Althen
Sean Rapp
Alex Heaton
Josh Carreola
Benjamin Hayden
Kody Becker
Luke “Zuckerkorn” Rodnick
Matt Norris

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Comments (26)

  1. Good, Vail Resorts is gayer than aids

  2. fo real. not one cool trick , your all jokes , but i bet you think this is the most core edit ever, i been you did use a fish eye

  3. Best video I’ve ever watched, EVEN better than the “dick sanderson’s mom RAPE VIDEO” I recorded last week, and yes, she’s still in my basement.

  4. This edit is awesome. Vail resorts pays people to prevent fun from happening. You guys crushed it.

  5. I would have kicked them out too. UNACCEPTABLE.

  6. Gotta love the haters who are probably way better and way smoother at snowboarding than everyone else! First edit I have seen in a long time that is filmed at Keystone and original as fuck. Keystone is wack, Vail resorts is wack, This video is not. Shoutout to the real1’s @thatrip6killa and @dadparty420 -FreeGG-

  7. Creative on The Max So Thats watsup and such good sounds

  8. Holy shit you guys.Also fuck you matt.