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Rejected Edits

Well, here we go, a handful of edits that I hope you can watch and then read what I have to say and learn. These edits are pretty much the exact opposite of what you want to do whilst making an edit for public consumption.

ShredMC- Sugarbush: C-

This edit is pretty bad. Given the gnarly fall as the end which is an effective banger. The song choice is pretty annoying and the filming is even worse. To make a successful edit, you got three major keys: level of riding, good song choice, and film quality. This edit lacked all three of those things. However it did have a few good parts and these kids are getting an education.

Egg Boys; Spring Break: C

Well, I’m not going to trash on filming with iPhones, but I will trash on two other things: Having a skier in your edit (That isn’t even good) and trying to get follow cams on an iPhone, only like 3 people in the world have the ability to film follow cams on an iPhone, everyone else is S.O.L. I was a little rattled on the music choice and in today’s world of snowboarding fashion you gotta have good music. Also, go faster into features and land not sideway, learn what real B-Roll is and never zeach a rail.

Rookroo 4: D

I couldn’t get through this full edit. I’m almost $100 sure you guys still go to the mall on Friday nights. I would’ve given you an F but you did some snowboarding, eventually, and I didn’t mind the music. However, stop filming gapers and kids who are THAT stoked on MLG. It’s only cool when they fall and leave those clips to Jerry of the Day. Hit rails that are higher than 1 foot and stop straight airing so many jumps, even if you dab after you do it, it’s not sick. Finally, it looks like you guys pay $20 for a gram. At least you’re having fun.

Simon Metes Edit: F

The GoPro thing really makes this edit perfect, for rejection. The song choice and everything, it’s all bad. This reminded me of a try hard Jeff Fortin, except no one is as good as Jeff Fortin. The dad cam is real on this edit, and the dub set is real. Honestly Simon, it’s a no from me and will never be a yes till you take the time to learn the fundamentals of snowboarding, like s-carves and switch riding. Grabbing your board, air awareness all things you lack. Seriously, it’s not a race to do a triple cork, go back and learn how to actually snowboard, do it with your filmer then get some nice follow cams. That way you can get out of the F grade and pass.

YoBeat Edit: D-

This is the first year snowboarding, super stoked on YoBeat edit. The amount of tricks I would call tricks in this edit is actually zero. You don’t need to film everything you do, try learning some things first. Also, why is more than half this edit self shots? How are you stoked on that. I was stoked at 56 seconds, by far my favorite part of this edit. Better luck next time boys.


Emilie Nadeau 2014: Ungradeable

This edit is a bonus because it’s 5:57 of comedic snowboarding. I felt bad adding this one, but there is A LOT of room for improvement. For 2 years riding it’s pretty good, but if you can make it all the way through this edit you deserve a medal. The amount of zeaches, falls on butter boxes, and just overall trash riding doesn’t make up for the small amount of impressive shots. Good luck on this one and Emilie, to make a better edit all you have to do is cut out every single shot that isn’t a landed trick that you didn’t Zeach or land 90 degrees off.

Thanks for tuning in, best of luck on trying to redeem yourself, if you want.

The slightly used Intern. @Georgeous__ If you read this you're wasting your time.
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Comments (43)

  1. You’re all stupid, that was really me commenting! Lol. Also if this gets 69 likes I will give you all blumpkins 😉

    • yobeat needs to get verified accounts for pros

  2. I think Emilies edit is awesome for a girl that’s been riding for 2 years. Who cares if she put videos of her falling, you all think Jerry of the day is hilarious so why not watch that.

  3. Don’t you know you aren’t allowed to make fun of female snowboarding? All girls are really really good. You go girls. Girl Power.

  4. Yobeat Should Start a lower rank video page for the mediocre shredders to get sum views.. Like if the video is only half bad then they won’t get rejected… just put on a lower level. Then they could work their way up #Swag

  5. I can’t believe I took a half pipe lap with this little girl…

  6. Simon still has bigger balls than you ever will. “Find me in colorado for the next two months”… In the neversummer factory bro!

  7. What happened to oliver? Why is he not doing rejected edits

  8. I’m a big air competition rider so all these edits are uninteresting to me. I’m just please there were no Mexicans featured in any of these? P.s. Should we really be letting women on boards?

  9. Finally something I can agree with