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Kael Hill – X Games Real No Snow 2016 Extreme Boardkour Trials Full Part All NBD Filmed in One Day

Not sponsored by Hot Pockets, but still XTREME!

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Comments (19)

  1. rnnnnnnnn..(shift noise)shiffty.. rnnnnnnnnnnn..(shift Noise)..shiffty.. shifty overdive

  2. Comment didn’t go through the first time, what I typed was:

    Before this blows up on Yobeat I would like to say that this is an artistic commentary by Mr. Hill on the effect of climate change on snowboarding and the destruction of street rail snowboarding as we know it today. It also contains an interesting parody of Real Snow, a tournament sponsored by corporations who are making money off snowboarding while at the same time destroying the climate it inhabits.

    I look forward to watching the full length film at this years Sundance Festival.

  3. Who needs a freeboard? Snowboard the streets with a snowboard, dumbasses.

  4. can i just be straight up and say this is wack

  5. this shit was great. I was dying laughing the whole time. we need more people like this. whoever thinks this is wack takes life to serious

  6. Dude this was cool but all I could think about was how he must be so fucking tired and sore after that

  7. Incredi shreddi is all I got to say about this.

  8. I can only image how high he was on Acid

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  10. This is the future. Where can I get one of those boards?


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