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Real Snow 2016: The Videos

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year! Hot Pocket ad season. Wait, we mean, Real Snow! Six heavy contenders for the biggest cash prize in video making. Who will take the win?

Cole Navin

Because one foots are so three years ago, Cole goes no-foot like its his job. Flipping fantastic!

Frank Bourgeois

Hand draggin, transferring and jumping off buildings. If the French Canadians aren’t known for their precision, they should be.

Anto Chamberlain

More Quebexican building dropping. We’re noticing a theme.

Dylan Thompson

Wow these videos are making our knees hurt. Dylan puts in work in all sorts of urban locations.

Zak Hale

Either Zak is really strong or that board is broken. The bros approve.

Jake Welch

Filmed in a week?

And the winner is… sort of up to you. Vote here.

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Comments (35)

  1. cole navin for the win, jake welch for feel-good story of the year. dylan thompson seems like he’s on that stevie bell path: drops hammers every season, but they get less impressive with each passing year as all the shots start to blend together. zak hale is actually starting to get interesting. lot of predictable typical zak hale shots, but some cool shit in there too like the 50-50 on the back stop and that back tail. kids from quebec are fucking insane. that’s all i have for them.

  2. I really wish snowboarders would keep their boards strapped to their feet. Just start snow skating if you’re gonna take them out…

  3. Now let’s hope Frank April doesn’t screw it up for everyone.

  4. Thank god there’s a few guys this year that didn’t use a bulldozer to build their spots. Cole and Jake Welch for the win.

  5. met cole while he was over in the cny filming some shit. really cool dude.

  6. The Technine filmer Cole Taylors “ohhhhhhh” at the end of every Dylan part is the most annoying thing in the world. That dude needs to confess his love to homoerotic love to dylan and squeeze a face shot off already. so sick of hearing that in every real snow.

  7. I know its about the snowboarding, but these songs are just horrid. Has it always been a thing that real snow edits cant have lyrics in the songs? Fug that. Anyways heres my stupid input, even tho Jake Welch wasted time with that bruised heel shit his shit was still hammers. More than the rest at least. Cole navins gotta chill out and smoke some weed or something

  8. Anyone else think Zak Hale looks like Justin Bieber?

  9. Anyone else think Zak Hale is boring as fuck?

  10. They shouldn’t have shown the second angle of the rail at 1:08 in dylan’s part. the first shot looked way more hectic

  11. was there a Jake Welch hump day? I cant remember the story after forum shutting down

  12. Cole reminds me of adam from workaholics

  13. Honestly wasnt really hyped on any of em

  14. all these videos suck. Real snow? try fake ass Herbs trying to do some rollerblade type fame shit. gay as all hell. every video is lame.

    • Let’s see you do this shit.

  15. I don’t think anyone understands what Cole Navin just did, nothing will ever be the same.

  16. Cole Navin forsure deserves the win. Not only for the tricks, but also for the filming. Cole has the sickest style out of any of these dudes. Stark did a great job filming. Nothing beats a HVX and Xtreme in my opinion… Great B-Roll too. Although Jake Welch had great B-Roll as well. VG for Life!

  17. Thompson got my vote, dbl barrel pretz was cool and that back fifty stall line to the roof

  18. The real snow dudes are insane and super talented, but god damn a lot of this shit looks like a ton of work to do for a 3 second clip. Like over half these shots require a dude to climb onto the roof of a building, haul out a winch or get pulled by a car, or build a giant kicker or landing. All for a 3 second clip.

    Cole Navin had a few shots that didnt take a lot of set up work but he was doing wack ass one footers and caveman shit. Thats the direction we are going to make our shots stand out?

    Someone needs to go jake blauvelt style in the streets and start doing downhill “all natural” type stuff. Minimal set up. Start at the top of a hill and go down and jib and jump shit in a line. That would look way more fun than climbing 30ft on to the roof of a building to down a 360 to flat.

    • I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, but a one foot front board through a gnarly double kink is definitely not wack

      • One foots just look dumb and uncomfortable to me. He wasnt thinking, “you know what would be fun and feel cool… taking one foot out of my bindings and front boarding this double kink.” He was just like fuck man i need to do some crazy shit to make my part stand out. Then he does that father son holy spirit shit because hes scared as fuck and then attempts a one foot front board through a double kink. Wack. It just looks weird and jarring.

  19. I got to pull bungie for Dylan’s ender last year and that dude is so absurdly calculated and consistent is unbelievable. Dylan/T9 ftw

  20. I agree. How the hell is Dylan still in this contest?

  21. frank for the win! cole secnd zak hale third

  22. Cole Navin’s part was sick but I only watch these things to see massive spots and big ass stunts, so I’m going with Frank Bourgeois on this one

  23. all the urban riders are the BOSSS . + FUTURE OF SNOWBOARDING …. ALL THESE GUYS ARE INSANE … URBAN IS IT ! #1


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