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SIA Snow Show 2016 (part two of two)

If you missed part one of our 2016 SIA post, check it out here. The walk around the show continues with more brands and more products. Check it out below.


White is really in. #isitart?


Innovation is everywhere


Know your audience. 


Joel Cline sums up the SIA experience.

partyloungeThanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon for supplying the Yobeat, Spring Break, Dang Shades Party Suite with fluids!

The Hyatt Lobby bar had all the $7.02 beer you could drink.


Now’s line of bindings continued to get refined, most notably with the introduction of a kingpin-like feature that allows riders to easily swap the bindings from one baseplate to another. Base plates will be available separately, so you can have baseplates mounted to your quiver, and easily swap bindings between boards.

_DSC5863 _DSC5862_DSC5865 _DSC5867


Rome’s 2016 line focusses on refining its binding and boot line. They’ve integrating Vibram rubber into some of their boot soles and created some lighter, stronger additions to the binding line. The Libertine boots and DOD bindings are looking sick this year. Going along with this year’s powder influence at the show, Rome also brought out some cool looking new powder boards.

_DSC5808 _DSC5810 _DSC5814 _DSC5817 _DSC5818 _DSC5819 _DSC5822 _DSC5823 maryrandinstaDespite her small stature, Yawgoon Mary Rand is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in snowboarding.


With a focus on technical, slick looking base, mid and outer layers. You won’t find any cartoon patterns here, just a simple Northwest aesthetic.


Flux had the fishing element covered with its John Jackson binding, as well as the 90s punk rock element with a NOFX collab.

_DSC5772 _DSC5778 _DSC5780


After a couple years of hiatus in the US, Sessions was back with new outerwear, still under the oversight of founder Joel Gomez, along with new Brand Manager / coffee enthusiast Nick Visconti.



Despite new ownership and a couple years of  “Bonfire is getting killed off” rumors, they were back swinging with a new line of technically focussed men’s and women’s outerwear.



Dakine are continuing to release some bitchin’ Peter Line designed outerwear, and as usual had some kick-ass travel bags and gloves/ mittens for the upcoming season. They also brought out a pretty sick insulated cooler that utilizes a basic five-gallon bucket you’ll find at any home improvement store. Just slip the fold away cooler over the bucket and you’ve got yourself an insulated, easy to carry transport device with a working man’s aesthetic. Park builders rejoice.

_DSC5731 _DSC5733 _DSC5736 _DSC5739 _DSC5741 _DSC5742


2016/17 will be Arbor’s first year releasing bindings. Aesthetically they look awesome, and they’ve integrated wires into their straps, which allow them to fold over with great flexibility and strength. Venice based Arbor also put out a Craig Stecyk designed board graphic, giving a huge nod to the brand’s Z-boys geographic proximity.

_DSC5744 _DSC5745 _DSC5746 _DSC5751 _DSC5752

Did you miss part one? Check it out here

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  1. Those Arbor bindings remind me of the bindings that were out in the late 90s, plastic and chunky pads which equals shit. After using Union for a while it’s gonna be hard for me to switch.

  2. equipment now is much better except for ortovox that shit was next lev