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People’s Court: Noah Franklin vs Blake Wollershiem

People’s Court is back this week with a Midwest match up between two rail rats. Both ride ropes, both hit rails, but only one will emerge victorious. Are you with a slowed down Drake or the upbeat Wu-Tang? Or are the Jerry’s taking over. Find out this week on People’s Court.

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Comments (15)


  2. Last clip in the jerry vid is the greatest thing I have ever seen

  3. Vids were ok, but that Jerry video is unbeatable.

    I say unfair game.

  4. First kid rides like he has a stick up his beef hole. No style

  5. Blake just for the chair lift antics

  6. mid season video vs full season video. hmm…

  7. the first dudes board is so small. It makes me uncomfortable.

  8. Does Noah really think we want to see the same trick on a diff rail 4 times? Esp when he comes off early… Cut those clips

  9. My vote goes for Noah. The only guy I know that throws hammers while being shirtless more than Lisa Ann

  10. What does my nigga Blake win

    • A So-gnar x 686 coaches jacket.

  11. noah>blake blake with that all fisheye night edit

  12. blake is no bueno, gotta say noah is better even with the same tricks off rails… blake had crappy filming, a dumb intro, and sketchy tricks on smaller rails

  13. blake got steez. Plus that back 3 on pretz 1 out was dope.


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