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People’s Court: Austin Smith vs Bradley Harper

This week’s edition of People’s Court features two riders who, among other places, love Breck. I’m almost positive these kids are used to a little competition, but who’s got the most style? Who impresses more judges? You decide!

This season, the People’s Court is brought to you by So-Gnar. Battles are open to any amateur snowboarder – you can be sponsored, just not getting paid, son. Want to take part?  Send your edit (hosted on Youtube of Vimeo) to [email protected] 

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Comments (16)

  1. YOOOO Bradley Harper is my dude. Still don’t even know what his fu*kin stance is.

  2. fuck some one please teach the kid in the poc helmet to not zeeech every rail he hits.

  3. Hats off the bradley. He started a front 7 in breck and landed in half way across the country in Vermont. Trick of the year!

  4. yung austin, your arm flap game is fire. at least your filmer had the common sense to shoot you from 100 feet away to avoid a painful octagon strike. wear a straightjacket. bow to your sensei!!

  5. too bad austin smith is already the name of a pro snowboarder

  6. jesus christ bradley, that song better be a sick joke

  7. Black gutless eyes rolling back into the head..

  8. I have my answer. It’s like, if people learned actually how to enjoy snowboarding, they would be hello more interested in tweaking grabbing straight airs etc. Not that no one appreciates watching these little shredders. Christ we were all there. But seriously if I were to invoke a firestorm the likes of which Europe has never seen, it would be because of trying too hard. The end.

  9. you know it’s business time when the first knuckle cracks the jaw

  10. physics says snowboarding is strenuous which is why there’s so much pop in today’s youth snowboarding edits.

  11. I enjoyed Austins edit more because of variety of features and less crap editting

  12. Couple of kooks doing shitty tricks at the resort. Don’t put a method in your edit if that’s the best you can do. WHHHHAAAAAHHHOOOOOO


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