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Sexual Snowboarding’s Master Bay Table FULL MOVIE

After failing to receive the million views they were promised by Transworld, the boys at Sexual Snowboarding asked us nicely to post their latest. And since it’s epic as always, and we’re feeling generous cause it’s a holiday about giving, we figured it was the least we could do! Enjoy.

Riding by
Ethan Morgan
Eiki Helgason
Gulli Gudmundsson
Felix Engström
Halldor Helgason
Nils Arvidsson

Film/Edit Johannes Brenning and Kristofer Fahlgren.

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Comments (10)

  1. Whats up with the title? Knowing the helagasons Im guessing its supposed to sound like masturbatable or something

  2. these guys are having too much fun. we must stop them

  3. Do you think they get their hammers sucked a lot in Iceland? They might actually

  4. whys the full screen so awesome now????? shave your pubes yobeat.

  5. its so cool how the helgasons dont consistently give themselves opener/ ender in their own movies