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Rejected Edits: Snapchat Edition


It’s nearly snowboard season and you know what that means. Our inbox is full of questionable video submissions. But if we’re being honest, rejecting edits is hard work and there’s only so many ways to say the filming/editing/song/writing sucks, so we turned to Snapchat for some fresh perspective. It was there we found Eason Cerasani, who was kind enough to not only watch, but analyze these edits for your entertainment.

Grade: C + 

So here’s every dome edit I’ve seen ever. Fast paced rock music combined with editing that could trigger epilepsy. And come on, why was the party footage thrown at the end? Mix that shit in-between clips! Did you really need to include the shop shots of signing autographs and kids trying on clothes? That looked like an X Games commercial. I get that you’re trying to promote your gear but it’s in the title, we don’t need to see that people might actually be interested. On the bright side, some decent tricks went down and the filming wasn’t terrible minus a few major head chops. P.S. Enni hmu.

Grade: Graphics teachers B+

This had some production value, and it was all spent on snowmobile gas and sub-par drone shots. It’s pretty hard to hate on though because those are some decent lines and you’re clearly kids who love to ride backcountry, but don’t actually watch or follow snowboarding and have no clue on how to make an edit. This is the one time when I would say more GoPro shots would be acceptable, maybe even a couple face shots? Unless you’re just trying to wow your aunty at the next family dinner – drop the standard iMovie effects, try some different music, figure out the filming out, then try making another edit.

Grade: F

This ain’t no god-damn snowboard edit, “Annoyer” because it annoyed me to watch a very average skate teaser in a list of snowboard videos. There was nothing creative about this at all and nobody laughed at the weird shirtless dance party shot. If you’re going to make me sit through a skate edit, at least try.

Grade: B

This made me feel like I was watching through the peep-hole at my grandma’s house in the ghetto during an earthquake. Sloppy pre-season edits and “that’s what she said” jokes are all good, but stabilize that camera and try a few different angles on those stationary rail shots. Poor quality aside, this actually made me hyped for our first snowfall. so well done. But did anyone get through this edit without having to mute it? Song choice is important.

Grade: D

Here is every shot the BUSCH BOYZ shot on their GoPro and iPhone this past season, from skateboarding to drinking alcohol from their parents’ liquor cabinet. I appreciate the use of the song Illest Walking, but there are way to many zeaches on ride on boxes for any edit to get featured. (My personal favourite the double zeach at 1:38) Everybody zeaches, just delete the clip and try again. Anyways this looks like it’s the first edit you’ve ever attempted to make and it shows, send it to your friends who don’t snowboard or your mom, but honestly no one wants to come to a snowboard site to watch a kid’s first GoPro edit. Step up to some bigger park features, cut the random hot tub filler shots and there will be hope for you!

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  1. lets be honest here its rejected edits is a joke yall getting up in ur mums blouses to much, this is softcore snowboarding, yobeats is a joke