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The NewShow: 8/27/15



The “Anonymous Letter”*


Red Bull Writes About Records

Chris Roach Goes In

Epic Mix Time

* Ed: WE have no idea if the author of the letter is ex, current or not a Burton employee at all. In fact, we believe it may have been written by the big man himself.

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Comments (24)

  1. Nice work, however I hate to say I did like Hateline much more than this Newshow and it has nothing to do with the fact I got a few mentions there. The Newshow is just not as funny. Funny is good. Be good and take care.

  2. tht burton guy whom you talked to was def eddy from six tricky

  3. Sooooo since Vail resorts chairlifts go twice if not three times as fast as Mt Hood Meadows why do the lift lines matter. No matter how long the lines are we are still getting up the hill faster than your local Portlander.

  4. I’m dumbfounded by people saying hateline was better than newshow.
    Hateline was a bite of an already popular web series, newshow is not only it’s own original entity with it’s own unique flavor but it’s superior to hateline in every way.
    Stan is better than he has ever been, dude has his cadence and comic timing figured out, The editing is great and the show in general looks way better.
    Head and shoulders above every other piece of original content yobeat has ever done.
    I was also stoked to finally hear a reasonable opinion on this burton bullshit.

  5. scott and sexton at woodward Tahoe and you show copper clips lolz

  6. Good points as usual from Stan. For real I feel like this whole “snowboarding is dying” thing has gotten so much momentum that everyone has to have an opinion about this Burton matter. That is an awesome sign that everyone is chiming in! It shows that there are a bunch of snowboarders who care about the state of the industry that they are involved in and how it is represented to the masses. It is also solid proof that snowboarding will not die. The hardcores will always be around to keep it going, the hangers on will fade away and the industry will shrink back down to a sustainable “core”.If Burton cant keep it’s relevancy and fades away than oh well, we will move on. Its a natural cycle of any industry and snowboarding will be better in the long run. Ride because you love to ride, if it stops being a trend and the industry shrinks to a more realistic size than fuck it, it wont change how awesome your time strapped in is.

  7. Dear Yobeat ,

    Where is this footage of Chris Roach going off his head?

    Love to see the full interview .