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Stu Innes: The Urban Carpet Boarding Edit

Hitting street rails sucks. It tears your board up, you have to worry about getting speed, you can get kicked out, and there’s no lift to take you back to the top again. Besides all that, falling on concrete hurts. None of that fazes Stuart Innes though. We got Stuart’s urban bristle edit the other day, and after watching it I wanted to see what possessed this guy to snowboard on carpet in the middle of summer. Whatever you think about Stuart, you can’t call him undedicated. — Noah Vincent

Let’s start off with the basics Stuart- name, age, where you’re from…

My name is Stuart Innes, but most my friends call me Stu. I’m 18 years old in Aberdeen in Scotland.

What’s the snowboard scene like in Aberdeen?

It’s good, it’s quite a tight knit community. I’ll go down to the snowboard slope like any day of the week and chances are I’ll know 99% of the people down there. I think everyone that rides is quite hyped on it, that’s why they’ll ride on plastic.

Does it snow in Scotland?

It does but it is very erratic. The last couple of years when I’ve been really wanting to ride street rails we haven’t really had too much snow and then this winter I was away at Mayrhofen and Saas Fe.

How often do you snowboard on snow?

Uh, that’s kinda hard. Until this year, maybe like 3 or 4 weeks a year? It depends. This year I spent the year away in the Alps snowboarding on snow, which was kinda nice. But I’m back on plastic now. I ride like 6-7 days a week on plastic.

What gave you the idea to film a carpet street edit? Did you film entirely in Aberdeen?

Yeah all the spots were within 20-30 minutes of my house. It was sorta like all the rails I had scoped for winter for a few years. I’ve been wanting to film a street part since 2012 and it hasn’t really happened with the snow. So we came up with idea to use turf. If we could ride on plastic the rest if the time why not do urban with plastic?

How long did it take you to film?

All the footage in the edit was filmed in two days. I got pretty hurt in the last shot in the edit. I’m not allowed to ride at the moment.

Will you keep filming carpet street rails once you’re cleared to snowboard?

Probably. I want to. My parents aren’t too stoked on that though.


Shoutout to Compass Clothing, that’s my friend Rory’s company. Without him that edit would never have happened. My sponsors which are Granite Reef and K2 Snowboards in Scotland. And Aberdeen Snowsports Center because without them I wouldn’t ride.

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