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Best Summer Ever 2: Heat Wave!

Have you heard July was the hottest month on record in as long as there’s been a record? Well it was. Climate change doubters be damned, we’re fucking the world up. But this video isn’t a political statement, simply a little glimpse into how those at Mt. Hood beat the heat, cause damn, it sucks putting on snowboard gear when it’s 90 degrees.

does not like to find tranny.
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Comments (39)

  1. travis peterson is fatter then all of them


  3. really going downhill with these edits connor

  4. since when did an xtreme have this much vig on an hvx?


  6. Damn big ben has some tricks! Jerm shut the fuck up, your pussy drunk ass has prolly been drinking since 8am.

  7. so many aggressive pans, so little shirts

  8. It’s only hot cuz we in gooovy

  9. Shane is the muthafuckin truth.

  10. God Damnit Boyy, Just stop wearing that hat. If your hat falls off evertyime you do a fucking trick just stop wearing it. This goes for all you Hat wearing bitch asses. Make sure it stays on your head

    Constructive Criticism.

  11. @churrboy, ive been drinking since june 15th.

  12. that first dude earns my respect for not givin a fuck and still destroyin it

  13. *drunk since june 15

  14. The opening driving in the backseat of a car, gonna be artsy, slap some random color burns and softening filters on it like this is instagram “presented by coal” rigmarole is terrible.

  15. I burnt Ben’s foot on purpose to get more hours at Mt.Hood 26 where i work for free!

  16. ben maki has the most intimidating yell there is. i actually tremble in fear when i’m around him. he makes me nervous.

  17. until fat maki did the halfcab nosepress, i thought snowboarding was a sport

  18. for being reasonably fat as fuck, ben mk destroys!!1

  19. dude seriously has man titties? da fuck. worst screen shot ever / disturbing.

  20. these kids no how to have fun props to them. and i always like watching a connor edit so fuck it

  21. Kevin Maples Rips! He was my counselor at HCSC!

  22. I am glad that I have been reminded of Ben Maki’s existence. But please go back to updating the site when winter starts again. Plleeeeeaaasseee

  23. FAT Portland church boy … UG-h-h—h……….. ?


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