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The NewShow: 6/3/15

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Comments (18)

  1. Yawgoons x Icecoastkillsshit x A$AP Rocky collab

  2. how can point break be laughably bad!!! nooooooo! swayze, keanu, and busy all in one movie! you’ve lost your mind stan… i’ve based my life off this movie… you’re gonna be fish food! thats like trying to say total recall isn’t the greatest piece of cinematic art ever created

  3. I didn’t know Charles Manson works for yobeat!

  4. This vid is blocked in Euroland due to content from SME (whatever that is..)

  5. very down with the stan fan page mmmmhmmm

  6. This episode is on point. Stan shall live for now.


  8. nah, that wasn’t an actual old video, it was just the secret secret secret ender from love/hate helloooo

  9. this episode was fire

    not as fire as my hair though


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