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Rejected Edits: Snowboarding is Dead!

For this edition of Rejected Edits, we enlisted the wise minds behind the “>@Snowboardingisdead instagram account. Since they clearly know what’s good in snowboarding, we figured, who better to watch some of the more sus edits we’ve received. Hit em with a follow, fools.


DAMN I never knew this site existed I have had people reference “Yobeat” on my “>instagram account dedicated to the SHREDLYFE but never knew what it was. Wow what an eye opener gr8 content here thx for letting me put my sweg on it.


WOW this is a gr8 season edit it really has it all…lifestyle parking lot thug life shotz, slow-motion action shotz, fantastic GoPro cinematography, and some gr8 easy-style ground maneuvers. I never knew you were supposed to make a video with all of your footage your friends took of you and then call it a season edit damn Brad has so much footage of me rly got me thinkin I need to assemble one myself. PS what song iz this is it a new band? I think it might Kanye but I’m not sure if anyone knows plz let me know luv new music.


DAMN when a video starts with a INSANE “grinds” in a backyard training facility and a shredder babe drinking boxed wine u know it is going 2 b SWEET and this did not disappoint. This training facility is the B O M B D I G G I T Y my dad once created a quarter pipe at the end of my driveway and towed me with his Toyota Tercel it was a crazy day much like these guys were having but SMH why is drinking beer and shredding I like to be aware of all senses when I SHRED becuz I love it so much I don’t want to miss a single thing I mean sorry but I truly live the SHREDLYFE and that’s how it goes maybe this guy needs to learn from me and drop the alcohol and start training more snowboarding is a sport not something to take lightly I mean really. But otherwise what a gr8 v inspirational.


I don’t know what the SUPERPARK iz but wow whata gr8 snowboard course, so much sweg for a freestyle snowboard course what a gr8 design they should have the 2k18 Olymics there. I really really really love the music here it reminds me of the vidz my mom makes of her when he is out biking the rail trail, she uses a smooth jazz combined with that urban flair v similar to this music it is so classy those videos she makes are rly cool she has like 24 subscribers on youtube. But 4 real I am going to Dick’s Sporting Goods to see if they carry one of the Tribe Snowboards so I can give it a good flex test in real life these guys RIP so maybe I will get one providing it passes my flex test and has a full lifetime warranty plus sweggy graphics.


BRO I fucking love to #CHILLAX how did these guys know this?? I invented that word a few years ago when me and Craig were hanging out by his poll after trampolining and seasoning his grass-to-rail setup it wuz a gr8 day and CHIILL and RELAXING so I put the two 2gether LOL whatever I will let them use my word bcuz WOW these guys are true rippers and shredders from CRAZY urban handrail situations to Double Shaun White Spin attempts they have a v bright future…brighter than than my all-over print Zumiez snowboard pants. I will b watching 4 the “CHILLAX BOIS” at the 2k18 olympics good luck broz keep the training up.


“ALLCOCK” LOL wow rly bro that is your snowboard name u might want to rethink that LOL maybe try like “ALLMOUNTAINCOCK” or “TOMDANKSHREDDER” just a couple ideas I came up with I don’t know but feel free 2 use them. This video is pretty sweg some creative stuff that the professionals shredders aren’t even doing in their films. I rly like 0:38 DAMN he stuck that landing HARD AF so syck it is amazing what you can in the urban jungle with some snow, 5 friends, 3 cameras, your moms BMW SUV, a $400 bungee cord and some simple creativity. Keep killing it on the slopez.

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Comments (26)

  1. Who the fuck wrote these shitty roasts, you guys are killing the rejected edits.

  2. the tribe and friends video was put on snowboarder mag… just sayin’

  3. Macklemore’s gay uncle is pissed cuz he’s in the edit. HHaha snowboarder posted it. Must have been good.

  4. ALcock is his his last name… This is the most arrogant rant by Rejected edits ever. Lost faith in YoBeat

  5. My mom drives a Honda. Watch for falling rocks

  6. I think those captions hurt your sweg. Runon sentences that mildly sound the tone of a hs girl bitching at you, shame on whoever wrote this. And we all know that top photos off bistros instagram. who’s ass that is, is the real mystery

    Tribe snowboards.. since you can’t determine that everyones b-roll is better than your entire video you should probably try using a filmer/editor to do filming and editing. Get a better camera and someone that knows how to hold on to it. My fucking eyes hurt after that video, and your not doing any justice to your riders by presenting them that way. Also did not even see one shot of a board base or anything I don’t want to bash you 2 hard but that is the epitome of blowing it. Be careful when you slap a companys name onto a video there is a standard.

  7. also didn’t know you could suck ass and go to superpark, and snowboarding is dead is fucking hilarious

  8. What shitty descriptions from admin. Fucking worst roasting I’ve ever seen hahaha those descriptions were waaay more pitiful than the actual videos.