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The NewShow: 5/6/15

This Week’s Episode

Emoji Equality

Surf Style

Triple Cork



C session Camber


Samsung Commercial with Scotty Lago


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Comments (16)

  1. MFR fucked my bitch, I ain’t even mad.

  2. pretend I put the full spectrum of hand clap emojis in every shade

  3. Between Eric Leon’s ” at least 10 other guys” comment and Stan’s bataleon stiffness joke this could be the best news show yet

  4. Really though, Scotty Lago should just figure it out and email Eggo Waffles, CMON SCOTTY It’s a fucking lay up!!

  5. Forrest Gump theme song. haha

  6. Is that animal crossing music at the end wtf

  7. hey kid, that lapel tape?!

  8. hahahaha! Erik is texting Dylan Ojo at the beginning

  9. Did Leon grow his hair back, or did I just imagine that he cut his hair off in the first place?


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