Too Hard’s OMG

Random clips from the harddrive of Danyale Patterson. And a little internet redemption for Kayli Hendricks.

Fancy Rutherford
Taylor Elliot
Danyale Patterson
Marjorie Couturier
Joanie Robichaud
Maria Thomsen
Maria Hilde
Dina Treland
Kayli Hendricks


Japan, Quebec, Laax, Rhode island, and Trollhaugen.

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  1. ugh
    ugh says:

    I stayed for the ender mostly as a personal favor to you Brooke but the girls couldn’t seem to stay for the end of most of the rails. Doesn’t seem very fair.

  2. Yobeatmymeat
    Yobeatmymeat says:

    Drinking game for Too Hard edits: Just finish the bottle because you are going to need to be black out drunk for this.

  3. Justin's bong
    Justin's bong says:

    It seems like these girls never grew out of that sophomore year phase where they need to inform everyone about every time they drink or smoke.

  4. Cool
    Cool says:

    Hey Danyale, you smoke cigs and drink alcohol? That’s fucking bad ass! This edit fucking sucked. Someone tell kayli to stop running with these dirty whoures

  5. cigs
    cigs says:

    i know theyre not good, but they are still better than half the people watching this.

  6. ok
    ok says:

    lol @ this video having 6500 views and 15 fucking likes. no one can make it through this edit.

  7. Bowflex home gym
    Bowflex home gym says:

    All i could think about was kayli becoming a vegetable on does back 1’s

  8. dannyboy
    dannyboy says:

    fuck these faggot posers in the comments, i actually get stoked on too hard edits..big ups from rhody!

  9. Garbage
    Garbage says:

    Absolute fucking garbage. I’m surprised these girls haven’t been dropped to flow yet. Get a job and stop filming


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