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People’s Court: Gavin Matson vs Aaron Tufts

This week, it’s a battle of the ThirtyTwo regional riders. They both ride park. They both hit rails. They both live at sea level. But which one deserves glory and even more free stuff? That’s up to you.

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Comments (37)

  1. In the background @ 1:00 in aarons part is the most fucked up rail ever. He should have hit it, then he would have won

  2. I’m not confident in either of their abilities to actually ride a snowboard down a mountain

  3. not sure who to vote for aaron can do switch really well but gavins good too

  4. gotta say 3 03 for gavin is a pretty crappy lip slide

  5. a-aron killzzz and hes from indiana

  6. first dude had the lamest style

  7. breh gotta go with aaron. bigger variety of tricks

  8. Aaron is the dude to win show

  9. Gavin is zeach king..

  10. Wait, they both ride for 32? smh

  11. Someone got all of his butt buddies to vote for him

  12. Tufts jump game is so far superior it’s not even funny

  13. you can just vote for yourself over and over…this is just a battle of who can vote for themselves more


  15. I honestly enjoyed watching that motorcycle triple more than either of these. Shit was gnarly

  16. Gavin zeaches everything even though hes got some big tricks on it still looks like shit. Aaron is a straight homie with a dope ass style yo

  17. There is zero chance either of them are on 32. #lyin

  18. Gavin plays USASA because he is a jock.

  19. Gavin didn’t finish half the rails….

  20. yo Gavin had to have rigged this shit. over 400 votes within 24 hours…

  21. gavin is a trendy faggot who is frienda with kids from hyland that suck 1817 off

  22. who the fuck is giving these zeaching, early off, motherfuckers our boots

  23. Gavin seems like the type of kid who gets tagged by his mom on facebook.

  24. Gavin seems like the type of kid whos mom tags him in facebook pictures


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