An Afternoon at Copper with Johnny O’Connor and Scott Stevens

Yawgoon’s filmer Dr. B is taking it to the big leagues, but gotta say, this edit could use a little Dylan.

Film/Edit: Dr.B
Music: Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads

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    • basshole
      basshole says:

      usually he makes the classic rock radio choices work pretty well, but i have to agree on this one. talking heads are one of my favorite bands, but “psycho killer” is pretty much like using “satisfaction” or “stairway to heaven”

  1. Steve Malone
    Steve Malone says:

    Scott Stevens could literally rip a kittens head off shit down its neck and i would still be very pleased.

  2. usually not a hater
    usually not a hater says:

    but this was kinda weak… I know they can do better tricks. just kinda boring watching pros do the same tricks as people at my local resort


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