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Mike Rowan – “SLUGLYFE” – Full Part

You’ve heard of thug life. Well, slug lyfe is like that, except instead of guns, it’s salt shakers that can take you down. And since we know no one watches full movies anymore, here’s the Sluglyfe ender without any of the pesky intro or other parts.

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Comments (12)

  1. pretty good but shorten up the edit and maybe some less used spots

  2. this made burton look shitty. I think I counted 4 broken boards, in 1 part.

  3. My computer died mid comment but that shit sucked so badly I had to still comment. I thought there was a general rule that it’s weak as hell to do the same tricks on spots that have already been done. Jake kuzyk did that nose slide pretzel except switch a few years back. Then there is the louif spot which he did years ago in his real snow. Also those U shaped rails Ojo hit and did the same trick a while back except Ojo pretzels out and goes to backlip. Jed goes up them to the wall already too. I feel like I’m watching a fucking collage of 10 parts that everyone has already seen. Alright I’m done, fuck me, right?

  4. Ok what I said was misleading. He clearly rips and has a lot of potential. What I’m trying to say is the lack of originality makes the part much less enjoyable to watch.

  5. Some big shit in there and that ender was huge. I agree on the originality though, could’ve found some more nbd spots, but unless you have a winch and other resources it’s pretty hard to get creative while still keeping the spots legit.

  6. Getting original with new spots is hard, but doing different and possibly harder tricks on that same spot is not as frowned upon

  7. This was very good. I like watching powerful snowboarding