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Rejected Edits

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 12.00.24 PM
Grade: C for the cranberry juice I have to drink- cause this edit just gave me a UTI

I didn’t hate this edit. It seemed as though you guys actually enjoyed doing the snowboarding part, as well as the editing. From what I can tell, you gave it your best attempt at actually making a watchable video. You seem to be knowledgable of this ridiculous vaporwave trend and then used it to set yourselves apart from the pack of ruthless Yobeat submissions I have to watch every day. And on that note, I salute you. That being said, there is a lot here that you can improve upon. Mainly being that if you are going to film on the smallest features possible, you better be pulling out some Scotty Steve’s wizardry and/or dropping strictly “hammers.” Otherwise, no one is going to be interested. In addition to hitting different features, you really need to take a look at your filming techniques. Make sure you are focused, make sure the light’s good. And if not, just consider those clips garbage and don’t include them in your submission. I think you guys are on to something and i’m sure you’ll only get better as time goes on.

Grade: C- for I CAN’T EVEN.

Alright…You guys do realize you filmed on only 2 rails in this entire edit right? Who wants to see an edit with only two rails? I’m not even going to discuss the tricks that went down on the first rail. I will however let you guys know your filmer needs to back DA FUQ OFF those rails. Homie is way too close. In some of the tricks, you can’t even see what is happening after the rail because all you can see is the support. I get the style of filming he is trying to emulate, but I don’t think he does. Sorry, kid. There is also the blaring sound of the wind in the background between the actual music and the sound of snowboards and metal. A few legit tricks went down on the second rail, but again, all I could think about was your filmer panning into the Elm Creek logo. He really needs to work on his angles. Switch them up and don’t film every trick from the same side of the rail in the same place. Maybe get some moving shots. Just do anything to not make this so repetitive. Keep trying, you’ll get it eventually.

Broken Fridge Laps and Busted Copper Lines
Grade: D+ for Don’t quit your day job!

This is your classic summit-county-kid-trying-to-film scenario. No one wants to unstrap and take off their boards. They are just gonna cruise and get whatever they can get. Which is great if you are just trying to review your tricks with yourself and your buds. But for everyone else’s sake, unless you are a real stand out snowboarder, you shouldn’t be putting out entire edits that include just you. There is only so much that “you” as a snowboarder are capable of. And unless it’s your street part you are putting out, no one wants to see 3 minutes of you lapping breck, entirely filmed with a go pro. It’s just the way she goes. I don’t care if you think it’s acceptable. Post it on your Facebook page for your grandma to like. Just don’t send it to me. My suggestion is that you link up with some summit county bro’s and you all get your acts together. It’s way easier to get noticed that way. And in your defense I’m sure you might say to me, “hey, maybe I’m not trying to get anywhere, maybe I wanted to just show everyone my sweet go pro edit.” And in my defense I would say, “Maybe everyone doesn’t want to see your edit?” Maybe some things are better left unsaid.

Dirty South Productions #12 – SIDE KICKS Part III with Patrick Rauter
F+ for FML

How do I say this in the nicest way possible? These are the guys that do this for the love of the shred. They don’t have the slightest clue of what a snowboard edit should consist of or that maybe it’s inappropriate to jump around from snowboarding to skateboarding to getting barreled in a man made wave all in one clusterfuck of an edit. Needless to say, you fools are late…everything including your outwear, wide stance, early 2001 trick selection and even the countless tapouts, that to you, probably feels like the “stez mon.” Get a clue, reconsider your entire life and get back to me when you have something besides pure unadulterated smut to submit.

Bluebird Lappin @ Copper
D+ for Don’t you know that it’s unacceptable to make your friend film an entire edit of you with a Go-Pro?

This edit, similar to the submission we have above titled “Broken Fridge Laps and Busted Copper Lines” features a young man from summit county, showcasing two and a half solid minutes of just him lapping Copper. Clearly there is a pattern here. The first thing that really bugged me was when the beat started, I thought it was going to be Pharoahe Monch – Simon Says, which seriously would have helped out your cause. The filming/editing here really needs some work as well. It just has a go-pro-point-and-shoot vibe that isn’t up going to cut it when compared to the rest of the edits coming out. You are clearly just getting into this and you will learn sooner or later.

Zo @ Hardack
Grade: C For Come on Zoe

I wasn’t even going to post this one because to be completely honest, as a girl, I have trouble bringing down other girls because there are so few of us out here doing this compared to the numbers of our male counterparts and I would hate to discourage any girl trying to film. However, I decided that Zoe is a big girl and she can take it. Elsewhere, I’ve seen what she can do on a snowboard and I know it’s better than this. Compared to every other edit posted above, I actually liked the song and the aesthetic. I just think that if you are going to promote women’s snowboarding, you should try to include shots that will impress people, as opposed to just sending in an edit because you are a girl and you filmed it. Equal rights, equal fights, baby. (Zoe, i luv u plz don’t h8 me)

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Comments (30)

  1. this was surprisingly the most polite and constructive rejected edits yet

  2. This is what the world will be like when hilarly becomes president

  3. Ender on the first edit is a re-do. #iseeyou

  4. wheres dat Old Mill Weather Report?

  5. proud to have starred in one of these films #thankyouyobeat

  6. The filmer in the ‘fuego’ edit head cut like it was his goddam job!

  7. Dirty south was hands down the funniest, watching that guy eye up the landing of that pow jump as if he’s gonna huck something crazy was too funny.

    Plus, if you’re going to butter off a jump, make sure you actually have enough speed, no one want’s to watch someone literally fall off a small cliff

  8. This new author alexa seems like she shops at zumiez

  9. the elm creek team fuego one actually had potential. to their filmer: 1) dont listen to alexa. i can almost promise she has 0 filming experience. 2) your absolutely not to close to the rails with your fisheye shots, BUT you are head cutting like no tomorrow. try gradually dropping the camera lower and pointing it up more as the rider gets closer to you, then as they exit do just as what you were doing. 3) im not sure what you use to edit, but if you use adobe premiere theres a few things you can do to get rid of, or at least lower the wind noise. a few audio effects in premiere that could help are Denoiser or decrackler, but im not to sure how well they work, but what i do is put on a High Pass filter on the audio and set it to around 80hz-300hz depending on how bad the noise is. a high pass filter removes all frequencies below that value that you set. most wind noise is generally lower in frequency than most of the needed audio in snowboarding. 4) always try to film the front side of the rider the most. it gets a bit hard when people are spinning on and out, but as a general rule of thumb, lets say if they front 1 on, try to film from the side of the rail where they will be facing you while on the rail. this goes for shooting fisheye and “long lens”

  10. Why the hell is that 12 year old kids wearing track pants in the fuego edit?!?

  11. most of these people are better at snowboarding than alexa

  12. those summit co edits have to be the same dude haha

  13. BRENDAN! stop getting me pregnant i hate u.

  14. I feel like DSP got way more shit than deserved. Seemed like a pretty cool video, not necessarily a yobeat type, but not horrible.

  15. not cool gerard. don’t worry dangy one day ill be the one getting u pregnant

  16. What happened to Rejected Edits? It’s like a big pile of steaming hot “Mr. Nice guy” shit. Aren’t we supposed to be rejoicing in the shame and defeat of these edits? Feels like we only half aborted these babies.

  17. drew bend ur fucking knees

  18. The two copper edits are the same guy. clearly, Alexa, you are slacking in the actual watching of these edits.


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