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Strangers Welcome: Hyland

Hyland makes sense.
Your arrival is a departure
To a framework,
Where you are nowhere else
But there;
Calculation unlike a formula but a recipe :
Dictating the individuals process
With an indelible aftertaste.
Brady Lem
Jordan Daniels
Andy P.
Sam Bakken
Cody Beiersdorf
Craig Cameron
Danny Kern
Tommy Gesme
Keenan Cawley
Hunter Murphy
Brett Wulc
Brett Wulc / Danny Kern

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Comments (15)

  1. Front board pretzel sw nospress 180 out.

  2. DAym that shit was some fyuurrrrr. Real nigga shit right thur bruh

  3. figure the fucking focus out, my eyes hurt

  4. Song stealing from Knowbuddy’s up north, it’s a bold move, let’s see if it pays off

  5. when did chinatown paul go to Hyland?

  6. that song is something i’d expect from a Standard movie

  7. Yeah stinky dale get a clip or two for once

  8. that zeach off made me shit my pants

  9. why even bother putting jump tricks in this edit, they’re too hesh, stick 2 railz


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