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Neff Shooting Star Winners – Women’s Division

This year we teamed up with Neff Headwear to give girls from across the globe a little motivating and inspiration to film their hearts out. We got videos from all over the damn place, but the Euros reallycame out swinging. After much diliberation, we have selected the victors. and here are your top 3!

First – Ivika Jürgenson

Second – Mary Lugen

Third – Grace Mayernick

And some honorable mentions…

Jenaya Jenkins

Jill Perkins

Kennedi Deck

Maggie Leon

Thanks to everyone who entered this year! Grom results coming shortly…

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Comments (16)

  1. did Kayli Hendricks not submit an edit?

  2. grace’s 42 seconds of park footy with recycled shots from last year over some of these other street parts? suspect…

  3. Lol the last place grom is hitting bigger features then these girls

  4. All of these edits have so much filler, with trash tricks

  5. Why women even try to snowboard. That is so sad. Go back to kitchen and bring me beer!

  6. In this chain of comments: females downvoting legitimate post after legitimate post.

  7. I have the biggest crush on Grace Mayernik. Dont tell anybody tho.

  8. shit i gotta start banging girls

  9. that first edit wasn’t bad at all actually surprised

  10. how the fuck did grace not win this


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