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Bet You Can’t: Trollhaugen – Mike Skiba

Jeffy Gabrick puts socks on the line to stretch Mike Skiba: Back 1 – Switch Back 1 – Back 3 on Troll’s Behemoth DFD

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Comments (27)

  1. the high level of professionalism that exists at yobeat never ceases to amaze me.

  2. 270 out? But seriously guy should be wearing a blind skier bib cause he couldn’t see shit on that trick

  3. that shit was tite! i see a cab 3- sw back 1 -3 out in near future?

  4. that was insane. just leave out the cheesy-ass staged intro next time

  5. I have sex with skiba regularly

  6. I could have done it way sicker.

    tuts for president

  7. I smoked weed with that young man one time.

  8. he’s riding a 158 honalee

  9. just landing the back 1 sw back 1 back 1 like 5 times was impressive

  10. My fat fingers accidently hit unlike on the previous comment. Oops. That was sick

  11. finally someone caught up to denis leoyukejhfs

  12. the song is perfect, i wish i could be like mike skiba

  13. (180+360-450+540-270-90)+90 for difficulty = 360

    Ladies and gentlemen, if my calculations are correct we have a back 3 out.

    …I could be extremely wrong though, could just be 270.

  14. Do you get points for reverts if you roll your pants up?

  15. what up wit’ tucking those pant sleevsz inside yer boots you see dat shit evrywheir? Looks pretty duh 2 ma, fakki…

  16. Ahh can smell the jealousy. That was messed!


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