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Win: The Bonfire x Fourstar Collection

If there’s one thing we learned from the new South Park, it’s that comments are all that matters. So, for your chance to win this bitchin’ collection from Bonfire, leave a comment saying why you want/need/deserve this stuff. Be sure to use your real email so we can contact you when you win!


“Bonfire’s 25th Anniversary reconnected founder Brad Steward and Fourstar Art Director, Andy Jenkins. The result is a capsule collection that connects snow and skate into unique pieces of outerwear.”

Bonfire x Fourstar Jacket

Fourstar graphic tee

Prescott hoody

Morris pant

Bonfire x Fourstar hat

TOTAL MSRP: $529.95

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Comments (143)

  1. i need this well because im the best and who would look better in this collection than the flying tomato. Ill boot grab these into the hands of all my fans

  2. I need this because it will totally match my awesome Ruroc helmet

  3. Nobody wants to hear your sob stories ya fucks. I sucked about 52.7 dicks to get my Airblaster Sasquatch kit…maybe you should try it too. It’s only gay if you like it.

  4. I think I deserve this gear becasue iove snowboarding. It’s my passion. When I started snowboarding when I was 10, it changed my life forever. I met new people and made new friends. Ever since then I havnt stopped thinking about snowboarding. I strive for the moment when the sun glimmers off the snow and the breeze chills your face. That’s when I know, this is what I love doing, this is what keeps me going.

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