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Is Jed Anderson Gay? – A Hump Day Exclusive


When Jed Anderson posted videos and photos of himself kissing dudes on Instagram on Halloween, many people (#NOTEVERYONE) jumped to the conclusion that he was coming out out the closet. Why else would he post something socially taboo on something public like Instagram? By the time several of the posts were deleted hours later, it had already started. People love a scandal, and it looked like snowboarding might have its first real, deal gay pro on its hands.

It didn’t take long for the Internet to begin anonymously discussing, and in some cases, confirming the rumors in the educated fasion which the Internet does all things. For example, this post on the Catfishchronicles Tumblr.

Anonymous asked: Jed anderson is gay? not that it matters or anything, just wouldn’t have expected it

yea, i guess the way most people found out was through a video of him kissing 2 guys on his instagram which i thought was funny

Those who actually know Jed quickly wrote the Insta-action off as “Jed being Jed,” but we figured he might want to set the record straight (no pun intended.) At first he was hesitant to talk, but as the buzz waned on, he eventually posted his own Instagram casually denying the rumors and agreed to answer us. So, why did he post that stuff?

“I just thought it was funny because I knew people would freak out,” he said. “I have gay homies that have to deal with assholes everyday. I lost like 300 followers. I got private messages from kids being like ‘you’re gross as fuck I dont like you anymore you fag.’  Like dog, I’m not gay. Girls kiss each other all the time. To be honest I’d rather not have some ignorant doofus like that follow me anyways.”

The moral of the story is, Jed doesn’t care and doesn’t think you should either. “To be honest I can’t believe people even care about some one else’s sexual orientation in any sport or any where in life,” he said.

What does matter about Jed Anderson for our purposes is that he is hands down one of the most talented rail riders of his generation. His warm up tricks are other people’s enders. Oh yeah, he’s pretty incredible at skateboarding too. And while we’re not contractually allowed to post Crazy Loco yet, we would recommend you watch it on and get a little bit of French culture while you’re there.


Photo: Oli Gagnon/ Courtesy Salomon Snowboards

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  1. Who would have known yobeat comment or cared as much about sexual orientation as they do not sliding a rail perpendicular. (I promise there’s no pun intended there)

  2. Politics lol. Jed’s Gay.

  3. Gay or not, Alex Andrews still looks like Stewie Griffen


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