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Rejected Edits


by Kyle Sobek

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve subjected you to the garbage that shows up in the Yobeat submissions folder, and we know you’re sad. So for this edition of rejected edits, I decided to add a kookiness scale, because snowboarding is not only about being good, it’s about being cool, right? For your reference, Jed Anderson would score a 1 and JP Walker scores 10.

Minions at Mt. Snow 2k14

Grade- D-
Kookiness scale- 7

What is it with these terrible, not funny, crew names who listen to terrible, not funny, main stream music? Are you guys #locals? Believe it or not some people would consider you #kooks. How badly do you want to meet Sage Kotsenberg and the lick the cat crew? You named this minions because you are LTC wanna-bes right? No one(besides Sage) gives a fuck about your band either, unless you were playing your actual music to your snowboarding video, then it might be cool. Run along now, minions.

Mason Hulen

Grade- C
Kookiness scale-4

Your switch front boards are better than your regular ones. You had a mediocre bag of tricks. You are a bandwagon Seahawks fan. You found a banana flavored condom and bag of molly on the slopes. Cool season edit bro.

Modest Minute

Grade- C-
Kookiness scale-4.9

Nothing really wowed me besides the shitty rap music as well as the last riders name is Tenzin Butt. Pretty cool name there Mr. Butt, and I think you had the coolest tricks on the snowboard too 😉


Grade- D-
Kookiness scale-9.5

The first few seconds reminded me of an early 2000s ski movie. What the fuck is up with your boy band punk music? I almost liked the scenic shots, but unfortunately for you, this is fucking yobeat, not natgeo. And why the fuck is this 29 minutes long? I don’t know what makes people think it is okay to create a 29 minute video of them blowing each other off to boy band music. Should have submitted this shit to pornhub, would have gotten a much better chance of getting posted on the homepage.

Luke VanBlarcom

Grade- C+
Kookiness scale-3

Luke, at least put some effort into a season edit man! You seem to be in touch with the snowboarding culture. How did you know that everyone loves early offs and shitty filming?!? I give you a C+ only because it wasn’t in the park.


Grade- D+
Kookiness scale-8

How much did you pay those girls to film them in their panties? What shitty websites are posting this video that got you up to almost 4k views? Did you end up having a Xrated version of this video where you banged eachother and/or the girls? Too many unanswered questions for this to be a feature on Yobeat…sorry guys.

Les Tubes 2 Glaces

Grade- F for French
Kookiness scale- 7

This video is entirely in French, and it made me wish I could understand them, so that kinda sucked. The into was very weird, and French, I can’t tell if these guys are actually religious, like on Matt Chase’s level, or just making fun of him. I am really glad you guys had some powder shots that were half way decent, because you guys suck at rails! You are French Men, stick to the Xaiver De La Rue shit. Make sure to watch around the 15:00 mark, its French guys, being French. The French culture seems cool as hell, and their mountain communities are strong. If anything this video made me appreciate a snowboard scene totally different than our’s here in Merica. Fuck yeah, Frenchies!

Boogie Woogie Cirque-us Boarding

Grade- B-
Kookiness Scale- 1.5

I don’t know if you accidentally submitted this or what, but it’s pretty fucking genius. How about you actually try to snowboard next time?

#BoardTheWorld Punk

Kookiness scale-7

At first I thought you were a 14 year old kid and I was instantly pissed. I know snowboarding if for rich kids, but could you rub it in everyones face a little more? I don’t know about you but I work 9 months a year so I can snowboard 3. I did watch one of your other videos to get the scoop on what your deal is, and at least you are not a total spoiled brat, or 14. Not that any of that shit really matters, but hey, you are pretty good at snowboarding. Why don’t you drop the whole contest thing, smoke a joint, and ride just to ride?

Gluten Free Idiot Ebola Teaser 2014

Kookiness Scale-8

Were you guys fuggin around cause the music implies you were not? Seeing you are from Colorado I had my doubts, but I would much rather hang out with you guys compared to the “bitchpleaz steez” crew below. I saw a couple shots in there that looked pretty sweet. They were just one of those moments that you want to keep to your self to remember how great that one powder day was. That being said, just because it was one of the most epic moments of your life does not mean it will be for everyone on the internet.

BitchPleaz Steez

Kookiness Scale-12

You guys know someone smart enough to create a shitty website but still had the first minute of your video shots of you guys passing out stickers? I gave you an F before I even saw how terrible at snowboarding you were. This is why everyone loves to hate on Colorado, you guys are fucking it up for everyone. We get it, you legalized weed, you live in Scummit County, and you all have steez.

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Comments (47)

  1. wow, Colorado is kinda like the fatter girl who hangs out with all the super hot girls. She thinks shes just as hot, and tries to dress real sexy, but in the end she just kind of looks dumb. people just like her cuz her parents go out of town all the time, so she throws good parties.

  2. the boogie woogie one was sweet.

  3. i dnt think anyone made it to the end of the rail in the abasin edit. and lukes wasn’t that bad

  4. Jed scores more than a 1 on the kook scale after what he posted on instgram last night

  5. bitchpleasesteez was the gayest shit i have ever seen in my entire life

  6. stop making edits or tall tees for that matter

  7. I don’t much appreciate the use of my name… If you could change that, it would be happy.

  8. Watchin the BitchPleaz Steez edit actually gave me cancer.

  9. As a summit hood rat I feel like I should burn my tall t’s after that bitch please steez bullshit…. Fuck that’s horrible

  10. Co could be so rad if it didnt have as many faggots

  11. someone drew a giant dick on my car at hood 2 years and now even when my car is clean i got a big ass chode with hairy balls in the clear coat of my shitty car…snowboarding attracts shit heads its really weird

  12. you can crop videos in i movie……isn’t that why u use a fizeye

  13. all these are pretty gay

  14. Holy shit I knew those birch please guys were fags but didnt think they were that gay.

  15. I couldn’t even tell you another LTC rider besides sage lol I’ve never watched their edits.

  16. bring back Oliver, whoever wrote this has no idea what clever wit and humor is. just throwing out obvious insults isn’t that funny. pretty much every review is “your music sucks. you sucks at snowboarding. colorado sucks”

  17. the board the world kid doesn’t work. he uses crowd funding websites to pay for his season.

  18. The last edit makes me sad/embarrassed to say I ride in summit. Its kids like that that give snowboarding a bad name. Go back to the front range fags.

    • BPsteez could those guys be any cooler? Really? next time make stickers that say ‘I’m a bitch’ and slap it on each other’s foreheads. Then take a long bus ride back to your mama’s basement. Ps these guys definetly Have crabs


  20. Is kynde snowboards a thing now?

  21. I don’t know which was worse seeing Jed make out with all those dudes on insta or the BitchPleaz edit……..

  22. Wouldn’t it be grand if there was a mass Ebola outbreak in Summit county.

    further more- Boogie Woogie was light years ahead then any of this other twit bullshit.

  23. guys, your the ones that submitted your video to Y O B E A T… what did you expect?… that they would talk you up and how awesome you are? if your not Haldor partying… were going to trash talk you. its yobeat. Boogie Woogie WAS PERFECTION!

  24. if the yobeat nigs knew the boogie woogie fool it wouldn’t be rejected cough, jeff holce cough, mike rav


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