Hateline: 6/25/2014

This Week’s Episode:

Haldor and Friends make a rap

Talisker/Vail own the hills of PCMR

Signal Harley Edition

Vans Snow

Boarder Kontrol

The Next Shaun White?

26 replies
  1. the fake dan
    the fake dan says:

    “Why the fuck are we trying to make another Shaun White?!”

    Stan for President

  2. Hmm
    Hmm says:

    Toby is a nice kid, it’s too bad these dicks are treating him like a little baseball player.

    • a lonely retard
      a lonely retard says:

      and way to fuck up the site it looks like shit. You’re all fucking up fuck you

  3. Chuckles
    Chuckles says:

    Thank you Stan for speaking the truth about the last EveryThirdThursday. The snowboarding was weak and the idea was basic.

  4. chongo
    chongo says:

    the site is running like complete shit now. new comment layout sucks. Good job putting the referenced links after the video tho, thats helpful.

  5. TROOF
    TROOF says:


  6. fuckcenutrylink
    fuckcenutrylink says:

    ya know what needs to be hated on, your new bullshit website. all your readers are broke fucking college kids and kids from park city. i aint got the money for the bandwidth to run this shit in a manner that doesn’t cause my gout to grow worse with each video. back to the basics please yobeat, you don’t even like the cool sleek internet that much.

    STEVE THE CAT says:

    Someone just needs to give Toby Miller some cocaine and PBR so he can burnout like the rest of us

  8. Holden Caulfield
    Holden Caulfield says:


    I know you’re a tiny little entity, in an even smaller industry that the mass population will never give a shit about, but jebus, PLEASE get your audio dialed in correctly. One second I can’t even hear what the fuck Stan is saying, the next second my god damn speakers are about to blow it gets so loud. I’m trying to watch these stupid little segments at work, but have to have my finger on the damn volume control the whole time. And hell, I even WORK for a snowboard brand…but at the same time, it’s also a skate company. And you know how much skateboarders think snowboarders are fags (which in the grand scheme of things is true). So I got my skate homies yelling at me to turn down these bullshit edits because they get so loud from time-to-time. So please, for the sake of not getting made fun of by skateboarding co-workers (even though I can still skate better than most of them!), please work on your audio controls for these pathetic little segments that are still slightly entertaining to me.

    Thank you.

    • as much as I agree with you on the audio thing even though it's Yobeat and not a big deal at all
      as much as I agree with you on the audio thing even though it's Yobeat and not a big deal at all says:

      go suck a fart. go write a thesis on why scootering isn’t cool. You work for a snowboard brand that’s also a skate brand…hmmm…I can only assume it’s Monster?


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