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Strange Tapes Episode 7

A borderline obnoxiously huge crew is in this new episode. But it’s a banger.

Boreal with the Boys.

Jasper Tripp
Freddy McCarthy
Craig Cameron
Alex Fuzie
Casey Pletz
David Gray
McGregor Mangan
Keenan Cawley
Brett Wilkinson
Scoli Bones
Lane Knaack
Lenny Mazzotti
Matt Peterson
Brian Wilson
Ryland West
Eric Leon
Sawyer Deen
Nick and Chris Geisen
Brett Wulc
Colin Clarke
Jake Casler
Ricky Koukal
Matt Foster
Jordan Smalls
Tommy Gesme
Hunter Murphy
Johnny Lazz

Danny Kern
Brett Wulc

Danny Kern

Pink Elephants – Tyler Thomspon
Dead Beat Kings – Gizzard the Lizard Wizard
Bounce to This – RBL Posse

Special Thanks.
Rome Snowboards
Fyve Snowboards
Nolan Apparel
The House
Burton Snowboards

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