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The Monday Mash UP

Now that it’s June, the edit flow has slowed slightly, but that doesn’t mean we’re gonna just give out feature posts left and right. It’s called standards, people. Have them. Anyway, the following videos didn’t make us want to claw our eyeballs out and since at this point it’s only the real hardcores surfing the snowboard internets, you might just enjoy them.

Cave People > King Size Ender

Riders: Logan Kruse, Patrick Mengler, Jimmy Kloote, Mike Oakes, Jake Haivala, Neal Zucker, Alex Ing, Spencer Aston, Nate Falconer, Andrew Starr, Neal Reynolds
Film/Edit: Spencer Aston

Nathan Jenkins Snowflex Edit

Tikut | Season Finale

Riders: Roope Koitola, Ville Väisänen, Aleksi Kemiläinen, Sebastian Parhiala

Grynch Mob’s Shine Tapes #3

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