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Tim Major’s Full Part

Didn’t really expect this kind of song but whatever. It still has some solid moves. Here is Tim’s part from the 13/14 season.

Filmed by Tyler Mills, Mickey Zingarelli, Blake Farnaham, Dan Villaire, and Evan Ricker. Edit by Tyler Mills.

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Comments (53)

  1. what a terrible, terrible song

  2. Just take that down and upload it with a different song, no shame in admitting your really stupid

  3. ripping fast and loose but with rad style, im hyped on this kid

  4. finally an unknown kid whos season edit is mostly street footy

  5. there is something about this edit that sucks dick

  6. huge dick but good snowboarder

  7. did this dude just boardslide through a wooden c-rail? god damn that was sick

  8. Fuck me that song was gay. Some bangers in there though

  9. was anyone else scared for the riders life during this entire edit?

  10. boardslide on a wooden c-rail is fucking extreme

  11. This kid is a complete dickhead. Going around to east coast contests acting like hes the shit and telling other kids to get out of his way. Somehow he wins a good amount of them even though he has shitty trick selection and wack style. He think hes the shit, but he aint

  12. if any of you are Killington locals and you know and understand his backstory/childhood. I bet if u all knew it you would respect him a lot more.

  13. fuck yea front board into the wall

  14. I don’t comment much but when i do it is because a bunch of haters who do not know Timmy and most likely cant ride are running there mouths. Instead why not produce some footage to backup up all the shit talking. Tim is one of the most legit dudes doing work on the mountain. The kid kills it all day and then on the dark park all night and is chill as fuck the whole time. If he is telling people to get out of the way most likely it is a skier family adjusting their shit in front of a rail. Happy Birthday Tim, you are killing it.

    You have all been learned.


  16. Tyler mills, if that is your name, that was some terrible fucking editing. Slow mo’d the worst tricks and that song… Fuck. Riding was surprisingly good at time though, especially on that wooden shit. But some of those bank in’s were just scraping the wall with your edge.

  17. Yeah that song was horrible, but at least it was unique. Better than the token shitty-rap-song-edit-to-look-hard-edit. I didn’t even see one clip of weed/booze in the vid, does that anger you all also?

  18. hey guys

    Sup Brahhhhssss thanks for feedback. now get back to wanking your little peckers to gun shots and sirens. go ride your parks with your toe ropes and perfectly groomed lips that you had nothing to do with the making of. ask your mom for some money for the cafeteria to take your slope slut out on a date for some shitty french fries. while your doing that the rest of will be thinking of snowboarding in a different way. express yourself. have fun.

    Keep up the good work internet your killing it.

    skkkkkeerrrrt skkerrrrrtttt

  19. I once heard Timmy repeatedly shout “shut the fuck up, get the fuck out of the park” to a family ahead of him on the chair lift. Talk about just having fun on the mountian? That’s ficked up, I don’t give a shit about “his story” no one needs to be treated like that

  20. Music is dope ! It goes hard on the two 15’s.

  21. Snowboarders are too nice nowa days. We need a few ASsHolez to keep it real.

  22. dude for sure needs to switch up his attitude

  23. that nigga killed it in soup kitchen 25 but fuck this edit

  24. Haters gonna hate , keep killing it Tim

  25. Timmy kicks my ass at snowboarding but I’m a fag so I can see why….

  26. Only thing gayer thAn the song was thanking twisted tea in the credits


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